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“初见,欢声笑语盈满室。”3月23日,广州斐特思的学子们热情地迎接了他们的“Buddy”,共同度过了两天一夜的“ 中国家庭 ”体验。

From the historic halls of Fettes College in the UK, 15 vibrant students of various nationalities embarked on a nine-day study tour. They traveled from Edinburgh to Hong Kong and Guangzhou to explore the unique campus of Fettes College Guangzhou and experience China's profound culture up close.


"At first glance, the room was filled with laughter and chatter." On March 23rd, students from FCG warmly welcomed their "Buddies" from Fettes College, spending two days and one night experiencing "Chinese family" life together.

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Alex 第一次感受到中国家庭是如此的温暖:“我仿佛本来就是这个家的一员,与他们共度生活点滴,共享篮球场上的欢乐时光。

“他们有个新生儿,只有十三天大,真的很可爱! ”Layla的双眼闪烁着温柔的光芒,她用手轻轻比划着与婴儿的互动,“这是一个充满爱与欢笑的家庭,我们一起包饺子,登广州塔. ”

而 Amelie 则彻底融入了广州的生活节奏,她像一位地道的“老广”一样,品尝着早茶,探索着街头巷尾的美食,穿梭于古老的祠堂与古迹之间。Udit更有幸见证了一场盛大的中式婚礼,熙熙攘攘、热闹非凡的场面让他震撼不已。


Amelie和Udit被周围浓厚的学习氛围所打动。他们看到了与费得斯心灵相通的品格,例如:好奇心和创造力,那是他们共同对知识的渴望和热情。“新同学们 ”与广州斐特思的孩子们在课堂上共同探讨,激发出新的思维火花。他们由衷赞赏“勤勉致知”的校训,并发现这种勤奋不仅在课堂上体现,更在运动场和艺术领域中得以彰显。

"I finally got to meet Rhyce! He introduced me to many friends, which was cool," said John, who had "taken care" of Rhyce from FCG in the UK last October. This time, it was Rhyce's turn to show hospitality. "Our time at Fettes was unforgettable, and we've been good buddies for a long time."

Alex felt the warmth of a Chinese family for the first time: "I felt like I was already a part of this family, sharing life's moments and enjoying happy times on the basketball court with them."

"They have a baby who is only 13 days old, and he's really cute!" Layla's eyes twinkled with tenderness as she gestured to illustrate her interaction with the baby. "This is a family full of love and laughter. We made dumplings together and climbed the Guangzhou Tower."

Meanwhile, Amelie fully immersed herself in the rhythm of Guangzhou life, savoring morning tea like a local, exploring street food, and wandering among ancient ancestral halls and historic sites. Udit was fortunate enough to witness a grand Chinese wedding, and he was greatly impressed by the bustling and lively scene.

"A short encounter forged an unbreakable bond." Fettes College Guangzhou welcomed these British students with its unique charm. From the vibrant stage to the serene library, from the insightful classrooms to the creative art studio, every corner witnessed their footsteps and laughter alongside the children of FCG.

Amelie and Udit were moved by the strong learning atmosphere that surrounded them. They recognized qualities that resonated with those at Fettes, such as curiosity and creativity, reflecting a shared passion for knowledge. As "new students," they joined the children of FCG in the classroom, where they formulated new ideas together. They came to deeply appreciate the school motto, "Diligence Leads to Knowledge," discovering that this diligence was evident not only in the classroom but also on the sports field and in the arts.

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“这里教室全部配备了先进的Seewo教学面板!”Amelie感叹:“老师们在全英教学时,能无微不至地照顾到每个学生,让他们很好地适应双语学习环境。 ”



"All the classrooms here are equipped with advanced Seewo teaching panels!" Amelie exclaimed excitedly. "The teachers take meticulous care of every student during English-only instruction, helping everyone adapt well to the bilingual learning environment."

Annika added, "The teachers' bilingual skills are truly impressive. The cultural exchange and interaction between Chinese and foreign teachers in the classroom showcase the parallel learning and integration of the two languages."

Picking up a pen, dipping it into ink, and writing on Xuan paper, the children from Fettes concentrated hard as they awkwardly attempted to imitate their teacher's brush strokes. When they managed to form the three large characters for "Edinburgh" on the paper, albeit a bit stiffly, the FCG students cheered. This moment marked a profound engagement with a millennia-old culture.

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Udit 对学校的宏伟建筑与一流设施赞不绝口,“尤其是那令人叹为观止的表演艺术中心、大剧院舞台。”而丰富多彩的CCA课程和广泛的学习选择也让他眼前一亮,“我和同学都可以随心所欲地追求自己的兴趣,更有专业的教师团队提供个性化的指导。每个人都在做自己喜欢的事情!”

“英国费得斯都没有如此漂亮的马场。 ”Clemmie与同学们分享如何在马背正确地“打浪 ” 。“我以前参加过盛装舞步和马术比赛,得过很多奖章,在这里随时都能骑上马,真的太幸福了! ”


孩子们一同在学校一年中最浪漫的一天“斐特思艺术节 ”展示风采。当五彩斑斓的艺术展、 栩栩如生的舞台剧以及无与伦比的时装秀场与苏格兰风笛声交织在美丽的校园,家长们的掌声雷动,欢呼声此起彼伏。


Udit praised the school's magnificent architecture and first-class facilities, highlighting "the breathtaking Performing Arts Center and Grand Theater stage." He was also impressed by the diverse co-curricular activities (CCA) and the wide range of learning options available. "My classmates and I can freely pursue our interests, supported by a professional team of teachers who provide personalized guidance. Everyone is doing what they love!"

"Fettes College in UK doesn't have such a beautiful horse-riding field," Clemmie told her classmates about properly "post" on horseback. I've participated in dressage and equestrian competitions and won many medals. Being able to ride horses here anytime is truly a blessing!"

"Thousands of miles away, yet we found like-minded friends. Together, we not only learned but also built deep friendships across borders. Our FCG partners shared stories and life experiences from around the globe with us day and night. When Grace received a carefully prepared cake from her classmates on her birthday, she was deeply moved by the warmth and affection."

The children showcased their talents together on the most romantic day of the school year, the "Fettes Arts Festival." When the colourful art exhibition, lifelike stage play, and unparalleled fashion show intertwined with Scottish bagpipes on the beautiful campus, the parents' applause and cheers echoed.

The HoCs kindly presented the children with precious photo frames, luggage tags, and cushions, wishing them "world travel" and "warm companionship."

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广州斐特思宛如一扇打开世界文化的窗,不但为孩子们提供了开放、中西合璧的教育环境, 更有丰富的跨国交流和游学机会。当孩子们踏上归途时,心中涌动着无尽的感慨,脑海中回荡着美好的回忆。

Layla 动情地说:“这次游学真的很特别,仿佛带我走进了一个崭新的世界。 ”而Clemmie则回味无穷:“在这里,我感受到了更多的尊重和礼貌,这种氛围让我倍感温馨。 ”Annika 更是深情地说: “在FCG度过的这段时间里,我们不仅领略了东方的文化的魅力,更拓宽了视野,也更懂中国了!”

FCG is like a window opening to world culture, providing children with an open and Sino-Western educational environment and rich opportunities for cross-border exchanges and study tours. As the children embarked on their return journey, their hearts were filled with endless emotions, and their minds were filled with beautiful memories.

Layla said emotionally, "This study tour was really special as if it took me into a brand-new world." Clemmie found it lingering: "Here, I felt more respect and politeness. This atmosphere made me feel very warm." Annika said even more affectionately, "During our time at FCG, we not only appreciated the charm of Eastern culture but also broadened our horizons and understood China better!"

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