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继英国费得斯公学董事会代表团、学生们到访交流与研学之后,广州斐特思再次迎来远方的宾客——新西兰丰盛湾第一中学的校长Garry de Thierry和凯陶学校国际部校长Fiona Zhao等人一行,他们带着毛利族的古老文化和新西兰教育的独特理念到访。

Following the enriching visit and exchange program with a delegation from Fettes College in the UK, Fettes College Guangzhou has once again extended its hospitality to esteemed guests from afar - this time to Principal Garry de Thierry from Rotorua Intermediate School and Fiona Zhao, Head of the International Department at Kaitao Intermediate School, among others. They brought with them the ancient culture of the Māori people and the distinctive educational philosophies of New Zealand.

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As an institution committed to delivering high-quality education, Fettes College Guangzhou consistently adheres to principles of openness and inclusivity. It actively seeks to broaden its connections with prestigious schools abroad, incorporating a wealth of international educational strengths and gathering superior teaching resources from around the world. In its quest for excellence, the school is dedicated to crafting a premier, diverse, and international platform for the holistic growth of its students.

During the visit, the Expat and Chinese Heads of the College, Mr. Jeroen Gakes and Ms. Julie Zheng, warmly introduced the school's educational ethos and curriculum framework to the delegates. "Our foremost objective is to offer students an exceptional education. Outstanding international schools should have administrators with a profound understanding of multiculturalism. We can create a truly borderless learning environment by embracing a strategy that combines 'reaching out' with 'welcoming in."

An accord was reached between Fettes College Guangzhou and Rotorua Intermediate School on various aspects, such as school management, teacher training, and comprehensive student development, leading to the signing of a collaborative agreement. This agreement encompasses enhancing teacher training programs, initiating student exchange initiatives, and fostering in-depth cooperation in fields of educational research such as science, arts, athletics, and summer camps. Mr. Thierry stated, "We are eager to use this opportunity to establish an educational exchange platform between our schools, setting up a long-term cooperation framework, intensifying our mutual engagement in international education, sharing experiences, and elevating the quality of education."

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Following the completion of the agreement, both parties conducted the Hongi, a ceremonious Maori ‘nose-pressing’ greeting. The principals from local and overseas schools stood with solemnity as Mr Thierry gently pressed his forehead and nose against theirs. This act bore witness to the profound friendship between the two schools. Moving forward, both institutions will leverage their respective resources and influence to offer students more learning opportunities and a broader horizon for development.

This transcontinental bond was symbolised through thoughtfully prepared gifts. Fettes College Guangzhou presented art pieces featuring student paintings on scarves and ties, embodying wishes of prosperity and success; meanwhile, the New Zealand delegation brought unique handcrafted items.

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To enhance the friendly exchanges between the two schools, the delegation delivered captivating lectures to students on campus life and pedagogical practices in New Zealand, highlighting the significant emphasis on physical education in their schools, where students engage in activities like skydiving, surfing, and diving. This resonates with the spirit of excellence in sports promoted by Fettes College Guangzhou. Some of the students asked about the differences in academic courses and daily schedules between the two regions, to which the delegation responded in detail, further sparking the students' interest in what education is like elsewhere.

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In a show of deep appreciation, the students prepared elaborate performances, including the Guzheng piece "Heroic Sisters of the Grasslands" and the drum performance "Believers." A student playing the Guzheng proudly remarked, "We hope to convey the allure of Chinese culture to our guests through this traditional Guzheng performance."

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At Fettes College Guangzhou, we believe that education has no limits, just like the different forces and angles needed to create beautiful melodies on a Guzheng. We understand that fostering a global perspective and nurturing an innovative spirit in the younger generation requires bringing together and integrating diverse cultures and philosophies.

From Australian summer camps and British study tours to hosting delegations from Fettes College UK and New Zealand schools, Fettes College Guangzhou is progressively crafting a growth blueprint for a global education community through international collaborations and exchanges with premier educational resources worldwide.

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